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Peer-reviewed research papers:

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46. Subach, O. M., Vlaskina, A. V, Agapova, Y. K., Nikolaeva, A. Y., Varizhuk, A. M., Podgorny, O. V, Piatkevich, K. D., Patrushev, M. V, Boyko, K. M., Subach, F. V, Shemyakin, M. M., and Ovchinnikov, Y. A. (2023) YTnC2, an improved genetically encoded green calcium indicator based on toadfish troponin C. FEBS Open Bio. 2023 [Publisher Link] [Local Copy]

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39. Subach, O.M., Vlaskina, A.V, Agapova, Y.K., Piatkevich, K.D., Patrushev, M.V., Samygina, V.R., Subach, F.V. LSSmScarlet2 and LSSmScarlet3, Chemically Stable Genetically Encoded Red Fluorescent Proteins with a Large Stokes' Shift Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2022 23, 11051. [Publisher Link] [Local Copy]

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37. Cabán C.C.T., Yang M., Lai C., Yang L., Subach F. V., Smith B.O., Piatkevich K.D.*, and Boyden, E.S.* Tuning the Sensitivity of Genetically Encoded Fluorescent Potassium Indicators through Structure-Guided and Genome Mining Strategies. ACS Sensors 2022 7 (5), 1336–1346. [Publisher Link] [Local Copy] [Resources associated with this publication] [Plasmids on Addgene] [On the cover]


36. Zheng Y., Wang Y., Zhang F., Zhang S., Piatkevich K.D., Zhou N., Pokorski J.K. Coagulation Bath-Assisted 3D Printing of PEDOT: PSS with High Resolution and Strong Substrate Adhesion for Bioelectronic Devices. Advanced Materials Technologies 2022, 2101514. [Publisher Link]

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30. Gao R., Yu C.-C., Gao, L., Piatkevich K.D., Neve R.L., Munro J.B., Upadhyayula S., and Boyden, E.S. A highly homogeneous polymer composed of tetrahedron-like monomers for high-isotropy expansion microscopy. Nature Nanotechnology 2021. 3, 12. [Publisher Link]

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[Publisher Link​​​]

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